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Rory Heggie, NCARB

Favorite Project: Biscuit & Hogs


Biscuit & Hogs has a great owner that had exciting ideas for the restaurant. This was a terrific opportunity to explore design and the ideas behind the brand.


Rory’s 15+ year career in the realm of hospitality design covers every facet of the field. His educational background seamlessly marries hospitality and architecture, holding an undergraduate degree from Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration and a Masters of Architecture from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Rory began his career in Miami, contributing to Caribbean and global hotel projects. Post-master’s, he dedicated time to enhancing hospitality spaces in Las Vegas, leaving his mark on diverse projects from the transformation of The Imperial Palace into the Quad to smaller projects like Guy Fieri’s Kitchen & Bar, the Palazzo Chairman Suites, and La Rozzina Bar. Rory’s expertise in design merges with his operational knowledge, resulting in practical, and experientially rich spaces that resonate with a captivating blend of functionality and aesthetic allure.


Outside of work, Rory likes to travel, play tennis, camp, golf, and spend time with family.


Master of Architecture, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Miami, Florida


B.S. Hotel Management, Cornell University

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