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Project Manager, Interior Designer

Julie Miller, CID, CDT, LEED, AP

Favorite Project: City Center, Aria Hotel and Casino


I was able to work with world class Architects, Designers and Engineers doing Construction Administration for multiple venues on the podium levels. The sheer scale, complexity and detailed designs challenged me to learn and grow exponentially. Being part of the CityCenter team was an amazing and unforgettable experience.


Julie's passion for Architecture and Design has paved the way for an enriching career within the AEC Industry. With over two decades of experience, she's seamlessly navigated every phase of projects, from Programming and Design to Documentation and Implementation.
Her diverse portfolio spans a wide range of projects, primarily focused on Commercial Offices, while also encompassing Theme Parks, Casinos, Airports, Restaurants, Churches, Zoos, and more. A key strength of hers lies in orchestrating, overseeing, and fostering collaboration among project teams, engaging every trade in a cohesive environment.

Julie firmly believes in the power of mutual support and collective effort, driving towards the shared objective of project success. The opportunities she has pursued throughout her journey has only deepened her dedication to the field of Architecture and Design.


When Julie isn't detailing designs and concepts, she finds enjoyment through travel, photography, watching movies, learning history, cooking, and being with her fur babies.




Lake Forest, California


A. Arts in Philosophy, UCLA

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