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Office Body Guard


Favorite Project: Idaho Pups & Ales


I go here for the brews not the bones.


Meet Finn, the pint-sized dynamo disguised as a mini Australian Shepherd! This furry ball of energy is more than just a bundle of joy; he's a canine connoisseur of architecture! With a wagging tail and a keen eye for design, Finn sniffs out the best buildings in town faster than you can say "blueprint."


When he's not busy chewing on deer antlers, you'll find him chasing squeaky toys with the determination of a professional athlete. But Finn's interests don't stop there! He's also the ultimate office assistant, faithfully following his mom around the workplace like a loyal shadow. From filing papers (well, tearing them up) to attending impromptu meetings (by barking at the door), Finn is the paw-fect blend of professionalism and playfulness.




Meridian, Idaho


PetSmart Training Diploma

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