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Welcome to Studio H

Welcome to the Studio H Architecture blog. We are an architecture firm that works with all types of clients from a home owner who is looking to build their dream home to developers who are looking for a design that meets their pro forma. This requires us to understand all facets of the design and construction process as well as the need to become a resource for someone to understand steps that must be taken during the design process in order for a successful project.

The intent of this blog is to provide education for all. Whether you’re thinking about building your dream home or you’re looking to understand differences between material products, we plan to cover a wide breadth of subjects. While developing these we will dive into different aspects of design that we see in our major areas of expertise: commercial development, hospitality, K-12 + education, mulit-family and residential work.

Design is a process and more of a journey that individuals take with us while we create an end product that is ideal for both the user inside the space and the person who has a vision for something in the built environment. This comes with back and forth leading to questions which sometimes take research into areas that never might have been expected.

If there’s a topic you’d like to find more about please contact us and we’d enjoy the endeavor of researching that for you. With this we look forward to this journey and hope you’ll enjoy it with us as well.


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