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Terra Cotta Salon

Boise, Idaho

Terra Cotta Salon



Retail / Tenant Improvement

4,000 sf

Studio H provided architectural and design services to help the owner renovate an office space into a salon. This was a multi-phased permit project that required code analysis and documentation of transition from each tenant space into the one larger salon. The new salon does a great job of feeling light and airy with the lighter color tones in an existing space. Individual salon spaces were created for stylists and a main salon area for your more typical salon. Due to the nature of converting a business into a salon / spa there were many code and permitting issues that the building department required. Lessons learned from this was that if you are an owner or operator, reach out to us so we can make sure the necessary steps are taken as you proceed. This can help give you a better understanding of timeframes for permits and construction schedule."

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